Marijuana Company of America, Inc. (MCOA) Investor Relations Kit

The founders of Marijuana Company of America, Inc. (OTC: MCOA ) are pioneers in the cannabis industry going back to 2009 when MCOA CEO Don Steinberg founded Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA), the first marijuana company to trade on a U.S. stock market, with Charles Larsen as the founding President of MJNA. Since then, Steinberg and Larsen have formed Global Hemp Group (OTC: GBHPF , CSE: GHG , FF: GHG ) and Marijuana Company of America (OTC: MCOA ). They have experienced the shift of legislation and increased industry oppor- tunities first hand, not only as a result of the legalization of marijuana, but also in the tremendous potential for emerging hemp-derived CBD products. The CBD market is growing rapidly, and consequently the founders of MCOA have constructed their business model around the development of industrial hemp-derived cannabinoid based products. The industrial hemp plant can also be used to produce products that are carbon neu- tral or even carbon negative. The longest and strongest natural fiber on earth, industrial hemp provides a wide array of business opportu- nities in the development of products that are resistant to mold, pests and fire. In addition, hemp has been described as a “super food,” and this designation provides great potential with the growing awareness of its potential health benefits. No part of the plant is left unused, and the Company’s overall strategy is to ultimately take advantage of every profit center from farm to the multiple finished products.