Marijuana Company of America (MCOA) Business Summary

MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA, INC. was founded in Q3 2015 and is headquartered in Southern California. MCOA provides a strategic approach to the cannabis and hemp industry through a networking architecture to maintain customer loyalty and capture market share. MCOA is developing a unique business model for better serving individuals desiring to get all the benefits of cannabis and hemp. Members and affiliates in legal medicinal or adult use states will be able to order product online and have it conveniently and discreetly delivered to their home. Our hempSMART TM subsidiary offers hemp derived, non-THC cannabinoid based products for delivery nationwide. OBJECTIVES  Establish MCOA as a successful Network Affiliate Marketing Program in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry;  Capture market share through aggressive pricing;  Establish a high standard of quality for all cannabis offerings;  Present a low barrier to entry business opportunity for entrepreneurs;  Be an industry leader for environmental and social responsibility. KEYS TO SUCCESS  Ability to penetrate large markets and offer cannabis and hemp derived products in an affiliate based marketing program;  Provide quality affiliate and member/patient support;  Provide long-term residual income to our affiliates with the security of a diversified income produced from a potential national and international customer base;  Secure Back Office Administration;  Work with experienced cannabis producers, processors and manufacturers to establish quality and consistency for all products;  Operate within the legislative guidelines of each respective legal marijuana state and/or country. OTC Markets: MCOA Equity Cap: $50M Shares Outstanding: 1.98B (Q3 2017) Long term debt: None Industry: Cannabis Locations: Escondido, CA North American consumers spent $6.7 Billion on legal cannabis products in 2016 34% in 2015 from $5 Billion The growth continues a robust pattern That Arcview estimates will lead to a $22.6 Billion Market in 2021 at a 27% compound annual growth rate. *The State of Legal Marijuana Markets Executive Summary. By ArcView Market Research 2016 | 888-777-4362 | OTC: MCOA