The Green Organic Dutchman Presentation

Quebec Expansion - Funding 820,000 sq. ft. | 102,000 kg Newly secured 75-acre property near Montreal, QC This new property has a planned expansion of 820,000 sq. ft . and 102,000 kg of organic cannabis production The first phase will consist of 220,000 sq. ft. and 22,000 kg This property is serviced with industrial gas lines, sewage, unlimited access to high-quality raw water, roads & highways, close to a major city, and most importantly within 1 km of a substation that can provide as much as 50 mega-watts of power Our power cost in Quebec will be ~ $0.04 per kWh, helping to make us the lowest cost producer in the country The local municipality has been very supportive in working with us, indicating permitting can be complete as early as Q4 ‘17, and construction beginning immediately thereafter Phase One Expansion 8