Veritas Pharma Inc. Investor Summary

CORPORATE PROFILE Spring 2017 A discovery and IP development company, advancing the science behind medical cannabis About Veritas Pharma • Solving the critical need for real science to support claims surrounding medical marijuana, developing the most effective proprietary and patented cultivars (strains) targeting pain and nausea related to cancer. • Research and commercialization led by strong management and renowned group of scientists with a low cost research and development model to help drive shareholder value • Established exclusive partner alliance and investment in high-level R&D arm, Cannevert Therapeutics, bringing together veteran academic pharmacologists, anesthetists & chemists • Has already progressed from Chemical and Biological (animal testing) assays to clinical trials for pain • Clinical trials to demonstrate real therapeutic utilities, with the potential to deliver the industry’s first set of standards providing doctors with necessary evidence to confidently recommend Veritas’ propeitary strains • Speed-to-market employs a whole plant methodology, translating to years faster to market, estimated at one-tenth the time of traditional pharma drug approval • Veritas (Through its exclusive option to purchase 100% ownership of Sechelt) is in Final Review stage of being granted ACMPR license by Health Canada Multi - Billion Dollar Growth Industry • The medical marijuana market is US$1.47 billion in North America alone1 • Forecast 17% annual growth, with market estimated to double in size within 5 years 2 • Canada has a national medical cannabis program and is currently progressing towards legalization of marijuana for recreational use • 39 states have legalized cannabis in some form for recreational or medicinal use in the US so far Major Growth Drivers • Easing regulatory framework and continuing trend towards liberalization of cannabis laws at the national and state levels will help drive the market • Future innovation and advancement in science related to cannabis therapeutics will accelerate patient adoption and consumption • Opportunity exists to create new distinguishable products that are clinically tested, supported by real data to be sold or licensed to various markets for medicinal use • Growing negative opinion regarding the use of opioids for pain will continue to drive the need for alternative medical applications such as cannabis. The global opioids market is valued at a staggering US$34.8bn in 2015 3 Stock Info Canada CSE:VRT U.S OTC:VFTHF Germany FRT:2VP Shares Outstanding 36.99M* Market Capitalization 19.9M Fiscal Year End April 30th *6/3/2017 2017 News Highlights • Health Canada Final Review Notification Received for ACMPR Application • Veritas-Cannevert Commences Preparation of First Clinical Trials of Cannabis Targeting Pain • Veritas Pharma Enters into Agreement to Secure ACMPR License and Cannabis Growing Facility • Veritas Pharma Inc. Exclusive Partner Qualifies For Non-Dilutive Grant – Update Investor Relations Contact: Sam Eskandri Telephone: +1.416.918.6785 Email: Web: