VPR Brands (VPRB) Fact Sheet

Florida-based VPR Brands, LP (VPRB) is an innovative technology holding company whose assets include patented atomization-related products and technology. VPR Brands’ current lineup of products includes accessories and vaporizers for cannabidiol (CBD), cannabis concentrates and extracts. The company is also engaged in product development within the vaping market and partners with top international brands to elevate their products within the vaping industry. VPR Brands employs a growth strategy centered on high-performance, high-quality products that build exponential brand equity, awareness and loyalty. The company’s current product portfolio includes: •GoldLine combines premium ingredients and extracts coupled with the newest in technology to achieve the ultimate selection of cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp-based products available anywhere. The product range is designed for a wide variety of consumers and features edibles such as gummies and pure honey stix, tinctures, pre-rolled flower, vapable products and creams. For more information please visit www.cbdgoldline.com. •HoneyStick is a lifestyle brand that combines the features of high tech, high performance, dependability and affordability when it comes to upper tier vaporizers. HoneyStick was first to market in creating a Sub Ohm vaporizer to the latest Ripper and Plasma GQ. The HoneyStick team works with a vast network of growers, extractors and industry figures to bring the needs of patients and recreational users to life. HoneyStick is sold online and through a diverse network of distributors, e-tailers, dispensaries and smoke shops. For more information about HoneyStick, visit www.vapehoneystick.com. VPR BRANDS LP A PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY ( VPRB ) WWW . VPRBRANDS . COM A bout VPR B rands LP I nvestment C onsiderations M anagement I n vestor I nformation Ticker Symbol VPRB Reporting Status: U.S. Registered and Reporting: SEC Fiscal Year End 12/31 State of Incorporation Delaware 52 week High/Low $0.03/$0.12 Estimated Market Value $ 3.6 M Outstanding Shares 85,975,911 Transfering Agent Island Stock Transfer Chief Executive Officer Kevin Frija Chief Operational Officer Daniel Hoff Contact Us vprbrands.com 1.800.974.2950 •Diversified product lines, new sales channels and distributors, an expanded sales team, and increasing social awareness of VPR Brands has increased profit margins •GoldLine CBD product division increases target market and potential customers in the consumable supplements and nutraceuticals sectors •Cutting-edge technology and user-centric designs uniquely engineered to be used with cannabis or CBD oils, concentrates and flowers •Private label (white label) business is a growth sector; in 2018 VPR Brands white labeled several award-winning vaporizers for prominent companies •Required testing and certification to allow all VPR Brand products to be imported and sold in the European Union is underway •International sales efforts are ongoing and supported by a company representative who attends trade fairs and works to build relationships with distributors in each territory Formore informationabout VPRBrands, please visit the company on thewebat www.vprbrands.com. CEO Kevin Frija is a veteran entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience in sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain management, marketing, advertising and brand licensing. In 2009, Frija became the president and chief executive officer of Vapor Corp., one of the first U.S. importersandpubliclytradedelectroniccigarettecompanies.In2016,Frijapurchasedthebrandsandw holesale business assets from Vapor Corp., which is now owned by VPR Brands. Under his l eadership,VPRBrandsispivotingtowardcannabisproductswhichisincreasingsalesandprofitmargins. Dan Hoff, COO, has worked in the vaporizer and e-cigarette industry, serving in various positions at Vapor Corp., including overseeing the financial management, accounting functions, supply chain management, product design and development, and key vendor relations. He has played a pivotal role in building and expanding the cannabis-based products division at VPR Brands, which includes a turnkey OEM vapor solutions program available to farmers, cultivators and extractors. Hoff received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami School of Business.